Direct contacts

The direct contacts are arranged into the following broad topic areas:

Employment in the Public Sector




Redeployment and redundancy

  • General advice about redeployment and redundancy, and organisational change
  • General advice about Commissioner’s Instruction No. 15: Appointment of former public service officers ceasing employing with statutory offices
Primary contact:
Bartek Urbanowicz
Senior Consultant Workforce Practice
T: 6552 8626
Secondary contact:
Simon Boylen
Senior Consultant Workforce Practice
T: 6552 8538

Integrity and Risk




Accountable and ethical decision making (training)

Advice to facilitators on training materials and products

Advisory Line
T: 6552 8888



Boards and committees governance

Good governance principles and website


Breach of standard claims

Information about lodging a breach of standard claim


Conducting disciplinary investigations

Conduct of investigations into disciplinary matters under the direction of relevant employing authority (CEO)


Discipline advice and support to agencies

  • Advice on the application of Part 5 of the PSMA
  • Advice on practical matters relating to the use of the disciplinary provisions
  • Liaison with integrity agencies and other bodies


Input into the development of government policy relating to disciplinary, accountability and integrity matters

Input into the development of training materials used in the Commission and across the sector on disciplinary matters and investigations


Official conduct and integrity

  • General advice about codes of ethics and agency codes of conduct, and other integrity instruments related to the Commissioner’s role
  • General advice on official conduct and integrity matters including managing conflicts of interest, secondary employment, receipt of gifts and benefits, and use of government resources


Public Interest Disclosure information and referral

  • General advice for public sector agencies, local government and public universities about the disclosure process
  • Information about lodging a disclosure


Public Sector Standards in Human Resource Management

  • General advice about Commissioner's Instructions: Employment Standard, Filling a Public Sector Vacancy
  • General advice about Standards: Performance Management, Grievance Resolution, Termination, Redeployment and Discipline

Breach of standard claims or matters of referral lodged with the Commission

  • Existing breach claims received by the Public Sector Commissioner
  • Existing matters of referral (issues raised with the Commissioner about the Standards and ethical codes)
Karyn Bresanello
Referrals, Notifications and Assessments Support Officer
T: 6552 8637
Public Interest Disclosure officer contact list
  • Update and maintenance of the list
  • PID officer declaration forms
Carolyn Nesaraj
Consultant Risk, Assurance and Disclosures
T: 6552 8729
Register of Lobbyists         
Pinetta Ulgiati
Senior Consultant Risk Assurance and Disclosures
T: 6552 8638




CEO employment and remuneration

  • Cessation of employment
  • Classification of CEO positions
  • Remuneration of CEO positions
  • Information and advice to Salaries and Allowances Tribunal
Primary contact
Melody Jenkins
Manager Leadership Services
T: 6552 8647
Secondary contact
Craig Saleeba
Principal Consultant CEO Management
T: 6552 8725

CEO recruitment, selection and appointment

  • Advertising
  • Recruitment
  • Appointment
  • Re-appointment

CEO performance

Assessments and agreements

Craig Saleeba
Principal Consultant CEO Management
T: 6552 8725

Remuneration advice for boards and committees

Advice on members’ remuneration

Carlo Tognolini
Principal Consultant SES Management
T: 6552 8740

Remuneration and establishment matters

  • Creation of SES positions
  • Classification of SES positions
  • Remuneration of SES positions (including ARIs)
  • Review executive structure
  • Establish executive structure
Primary contact:
Melody Jenkins
Manager Leadership Services
T: 6552 8647
Secondary contact:
Carlo Tognolini
Principal Consultant SES Management
T: 6552 8740

SES employment

  • Recruitment
  • Appointment
  • Re-appointment
  • Selection criteria
  • Contract of employment
Compensation payment for SES employees

Culture and Diversity



Workforce and diversity planning

  • General information on equal employment opportunity (EEO) diversity management plans


  • Information on EEO data collection
Michael Farquhar
Principal Consultant Data Collection and Management
T: 6552 8582
  • Individual enquiries on unlawful employee discrimination
Equal Opportunity Commission
T: 9216 3900

Programs and Training



Development programs     

  • Leadership Essentials
  • Public Sector Management Program
  • Management Essentials
  • Policy Essentials
  • Graduate Development Program
  • Thought Leadership Series
  • Induction into the Western Australian Public Sector Seminar










Executive development programs

  • Australian New Zealand School of Government:
  • Executive Master of Public Administration
  • Executive Fellows Program
  • CEO Forum


University Partnership Strategy

  • Public Sector Internship Program
  • Study Assistance Scheme (SAS)
Shabnam Nasheri
Workforce Programs Support Officer
T: 6552 8590

Employment and Traineeships



Aboriginal employment
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Traineeships
  • questions about the Aboriginal Employment Strategy
Tracey Cullen
Principal Consultant Aboriginal Employment
T: 6552 8544

Recruitment and Advertising Management System (RAMS)

  • WA Government Jobs Board
  • Entry Level Module
  • Redeployment and Severance Module
  • Candidate Management
  • Reporting
For management and account matters
For technical matters or for jobseekers


  • School-Based Traineeship Program
  • People with Disability Traineeship
  • Trainee Transition to Employment Program
T: 6552 8701 

Reporting and Reviews



Annual Reporting Guidelines
Advice and support
Simon Boylen
Senior Consultant Workforce Practice
T: 6552 8538
Reviews and structural change
Executive/organisational review
Melody Jenkins
Manager Leadership Services
T: 6552 8647

Machinery of government review

Lindsay Warner
A/Executive Director Policy and Data Analytics
T: 6552 8670


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