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Why work for the Public Sector Commission?

The Public Sector Commission provides a number of different career pathways.  Our position as a central government agency means we deal with a wide range of issues and work with with every government agency. These factors make the Public Sector Commission a dynamic and rewarding place to work.

From trainee positions to graduate programs, and from policy work to support roles, the Commission offers a wide range of career options. We've listed a few of the roles below.

If you are looking for information on government jobs more generally, we have information elsewhere on Jobs WA.

What type of jobs do we offer?

Policy Work

A large number of staff at the Commission work in policy roles.  Staff working in policy positions can be involved in work ranging from providing advice to other government agencies on Chief Executive Officer appointments to developing agency training in Accountability and Ethical Decision Making, to undertaking discipline investigations or working on legislative reform.  Policy positions at the Commission focus on improving the capacity of the public sector so that all public sector employees can provide enhanced services to the Western Australian community.

Corporate Support Roles

No organisation can run smoothly without the assistance of corporate support professionals.  The Commission employs Executive Assistants, Administrative Assistants, finance and strategic human resource officers and business support staff to ensure that not only the work of the Commission is completed, but also that the staff themselves are supported.


The Commission employs both school-based and full-time government trainees.

School-based trainees attend school for three days per week during Years 11 and 12 and work in a variety of roles throughout the Commission for two days per week.

The School-Based Traineeship Program provides school students with an opportunity to develop administration skills and gain a qualification while being paid a trainee wage. Upon satisfactory completion of the program, trainees will receive a Certificate II in Government or Certificate II in Information, Digital Media and Technology.

Amanda, school-based trainee, says:

“Having the opportunity to rotate through different areas of the agency is a great way to learn new skills and gain a greater knowledge of what goes on. I really enjoy working with everyone—they help you along with your training and you learn so much from them. Having on-the-job training will benefit me a lot when I leave school. I now know I can leave school confident that I have gained the skills to be successful in the workplace.”

The Commission also employs full-time government trainees who rotate through different areas of the Commission.

The Government Traineeship Program provides young people (under 25 years of age) with the opportunity to learn a variety of public administration skills, complete a qualification and prepare themselves for a career in the public sector. Successful completion of the Government Traineeship results in a Certificate II, III or IV in Government.

Further information about traineeships and how to apply for them can be found at

Graduate Program

The Commission runs an annual graduate recruitment program to source recent university graduates interested in an exciting career with the Commission.  Graduates are rotated through the different work areas in the Commission for a year, where they complete projects under the supervision of their manager and with the support of a mentor.  These graduates are exposed to a variety of challenging work and provided with the opportunity to network with graduates in other public sector agencies through the cross-sector Graduate Development Program.

The Commission’s Graduate Development Officer intake is usually advertised in July/August each year and successful applicants commence with the Commission in late January.  At the end of the year, Graduate Development Officers who have performed satisfactorily will be offered a permanent Project Officer position in the Commission.

Lauren, a former graduate says: “The location is fantastic – walking distance to Kings Park, shops and cafes. I have made some great friends, worked with some wonderful people and made contacts that have helped me throughout my career.”

How do I find out about career opportunities?

All our vacancies are advertised on  You can register with and set up your profile to email you specific types of jobs, jobs at a particular level, or all jobs that are currently available at the Commission. 

Opportunities across the Western Australian public sector

All public sector agencies are required to post a notice to the website if making an appointment to a public service position pursuant to s64(4) of the Public Sector Management Act.

For other opportunities in the public sector, including volunteer work, see the ‘Find a job’ page under the Jobs & Economy section of the website.

Page last updated 6 September 2016