Strategic plan

Message from the Commissioner

Excellence and innovation are highly valued within the public sector, ensuring the Western Australian community is provided with quality service delivery, cutting-edge programs and new technologies.

The efficiency and effectiveness of the public sector relies on the investment made in the development of the sector’s greatest asset—our people. Our best people, regardless of their experience or location, are passionate about their profession and are committed to public service. Their contributions, big and small, are making a real difference to the Western Australian landscape and our local communities.

Working with Chief Executive Officers and Directors General to build the skill, behaviour and expertise for a capable, future-focused and sustainable workforce, is a primary aim of mine. In consultation with public sector leaders,  I have established the Centre for Public Sector Excellence, within the Commission, to assist us achieve this aim.

The Centre will support our people, from trainees to senior executives, in both metropolitan and regional areas, by providing quality workforce and organisational development. Our initiatives are formed in partnership with agency leaders, developed in collaboration with recognised practitioners and delivered by experienced professionals from across the sector.

Our established programs will be complemented by a range of new initiatives to bring the very best of public administration and management to the fore. I know you will agree this is of considerable importance given the dynamic environment in which we work.

I would like to acknowledge the CEO advisory board for its generous contributions to the development of these new initiatives and I encourage  all agency leaders to share our aim in developing high-quality programs and initiatives accessible to all. With your support, I believe we can continue to focus on building a high performing public sector.

M C Wauchope



To build the skill, behaviour and expertise for a capable, future-focused and sustainable workforce.

We are informed by a range of initiatives, frameworks and stakeholder information to ensure quality workforce and organisational development initiatives for the sector. The objectives of the Centre are to build a capable and sustainable workforce to meet future needs, develop highly competent public sector leaders, provide robust public sector governance, increase representation of diversity groups and sector-wide knowledge sharing.

Skills, expertise and behaviours

We have identified a range of skills, expertise and behaviours that support public sector performance. Development in these areas equip public sector employees with a range of management and leadership tools necessary to progress their career in the public sector. These tools and our capability frameworks underpin the development of the Centre’s initiatives to build a flexible, responsive and diverse public sector workforce that is one able to meet the current and future challenges in a sustainable way.

The skills, expertise and behaviours are, understanding government, integrity and judgement, critical thinking and decision making, change management, future focus, leadership, agility, relationships, risk management, people management, finance and policy.

We provide opportunities for cross-sector knowledge sharing and good practice. We know this collaboration enables productive dialogue and innovation around the sector’s future needs and challenges in public administration and management.


For more information, see the Centre's full strategic plan.

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