Graduate programs

To effectively service the needs of the community, the public sector must continue to attract and retain skilled workers. Graduate programs can bring educated, energetic employees into agencies to help build capacity, retain knowledge and address diversity needs. 

Gradu​ate programs − a guide fo​r agencies

To assist agencies to develop an effective graduate program and meet workforce planning needs, the Commission has developed Graduate programs − a guide for agencies. The guide combines practical advice, case studies and information from public sector graduates to support agencies to run a successful graduate program.

Professio​nal development for g​raduates

The Public Sector Commission’s Graduate future leaders program (GFLP) is designed for aspiring leaders who have recently completed tertiary studies and commenced employment in the public sector. GFLP harnesses a whole-of-government perspective, encouraging participants to consider the political, legislative and policy environments in which government employees work. The program complements induction and graduate programs delivered within agencies.

For more information see the Graduate development program page.

Information for g​radua​tes

If you are interested in working as a graduate officer in the public sector, visit

Graduates are not limited to entering the public sector through graduate programs; for general employment opportunities, visit

Information for a​genc​ies

For information about advertising a graduate program on the WA Government jobs board, or developing a graduate program, contact Cassie Almasi, Centre for Public Sector Excellence, on (08) 6552 8604 or email

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