Jawun Partnership

‘Each secondee brings us one step closer to our goals. We see great value to our organisation in the skills they bring and their ‘fresh eyes’ perspective’.’

Nolan Hunter, CEO, Kimberley Land Council
‘Through its corporate, government and philanthropic partners, Jawun helps local Aboriginal organisations and leaders drive their agenda for real change. We’ve seen this put the wind in the sails for a much stronger future in the East Kimberley’.

Ian Trust, Executive Director, Wunan


Jawun is a not-for-profit organisation that leverages the capabilities of corporate and philanthropic Australia to support Indigenous-led programs of change in Indigenous communities. 

Jawun offers opportunities for people from both the private and public sectors, with relevant skills and experience to participate in short-term secondments within Aboriginal organisations. This is part of a capacity building and leadership development program. The program is open to Aboriginal1 and non−Aboriginal participants.

 1 We respectfully refer to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples as Aboriginal People through this publication

Since it commenced in 2001, Jawun has facilitated almost 3000 public and private sector secondees to work with Indigenous communities. The Western Australian Government has been in partnership with Jawun since 2011, working predominantly in the Kimberley region. 

Jawun Regional Directors work closely with Aboriginal Corporations in the Kimberley region to identify a variety of skills gaps. The selection process considers applicants with relevant skills and experience that can build the capacity of and transfer skills to the organisations through identified project briefs.

The Public Sector Commission is providing an opportunity for two secondments, one in the East Kimberley and the other in the West Kimberley intake, in support of the Attract, appoint and advance: An employment strategy for Aboriginal people

For more information about Jawun’s Indigenous Corporate Partnerships visit www.jawun.org.au

‘I have been a strong advocate for Aboriginal culture…However, living in a predominantly Aboriginal community and also working for an Aboriginal corporation has given me a revived sense of appreciation for the way in which community leadership and traditional ways of governance can operate.’

Kate O’Connor, 2017 Participant, Department of Planning, Lands and Heritage

Program outline

The program requires participants to work and live in remote locations within the East and West Kimberley under a secondment arrangement. The secondment aims to provide a unique development opportunity for public sector leaders of the future.

The program is for a duration of six weeks and is inclusive of a six day induction program. Participants will undertake a project with a brief providing information on key elements such as:

  • background and history of the organisation
  • the objectives and deliverables
  • skills required and those which are transferrable
  • location of the organisation office
  • key contacts during the program.

The 2019 program plans for the East Kimberley region participant to undertake their secondment from 4 August – 14 September 2019 and the West Kimberley participant from 18 August – 28 September 2019


The participant’s salary is to be maintained through the duration of the program (inclusive of induction) by the participant’s home agency. 

  • The Commission will meet the following costs:  
  • Travel including air fares, car hire and fuel
  • Accommodation costs (whether located in Halls Creek, Kununurra, Warmun, Wyndham or Broome) which includes induction period and three days at the conclusion of the program
  • All meals as per the relevant Award of the participant 
  • Four-wheel drive training
  • Cultural awareness training.


Participants in the program can look forward to being supported by the relevant Regional Director through the duration of the secondment. 


The program consists of two secondment placements within the Kimberley Region, comprised of the West Kimberley—including towns of Broome, Derby, Fitzroy Crossing) towards the coast and the East Kimberley—including towns of Kununurra, Halls Creek, Wyndham) towards the Northern Territory border. Both regions are also inclusive of smaller Indigenous communities.

‘…My visits to Country showed me how passionate the Aboriginal people are about the protection of their ancestral land and their determination to preserve this environment for their future generations. I also saw how endangered languages are being revitalised and rejuvenated by local community members. I attended a language class at NBY (Nyamba Buru Yawuru) and was struck by the determination and sincerity of the teachers and students…I noted the sense of family, friendship and aspirations within the community. I saw how busy the management are in their daily roles and the great work they are doing in creating social and economic opportunities and partnerships through public and private investments.’

Satvinder Sekhon, 2017 Participant, Department of Training and Workforce Development 

Who should participate

Public sector officers (Level 7 and above) are eligible to apply for the program.

The program seeks individuals who possess the following attributes:

  • Resilience and adaptability
  • Committed, high-performing public sector leader
  • Possession of transferrable skills and the capacity to pass these on during secondment
  • Interest in working with indigenous communities
  • Willingness to give the best of their abilities during the program and to share their experience afterwards.


The Commission coordinates the nomination process which seeks agency endorsed expressions of interest. The secondment is aimed at capacity building and skills transfer. Once the nomination process closes, applications will be forwarded for assessment to the Regional Directors for their consideration and final allocation to an identified project.

Applicants will be required to evaluate and identity their level of capability for various skills that may be required for secondment projects.

How to apply

The application form is available on the Commission’s website and must be submitted to the Commission via aboriginalemployment@psc.wa.gov.au.  

Important note: Managers and Chief Executives Officers are required to endorse the application, confirm that the applicant can be released from their duties for the period of secondment and that the salary of the applicant will remain in place for the duration of the program.

Closing date

Applications (for both East and West Kimberley intakes) close 5.00pm Friday, 7 June 2019.

Late applications will not be accepted.

‘What Jawun offers cannot be put into dollar figures, it is worth more than money, more than time and is an extremely special period of teaching and learning. Words cannot describe everything we gain from hosting a secondee’

Desmond Hill, Waringarri Aboriginal Corporation, Jawun Partner 2017

Page last updated 17 May 2019