Leadership essentials

Building leadership capability is vital to ensuring the public sector responds to current and emerging challenges efficiently and effectively.

Leadership essentials' uses innovative approaches to develop leaders to better think strategically, critically, and make decisions that influence their environment. The program incorporates a range of activities designed to develop new perspectives and provides participants with:

  • access to outstanding public sector leaders
  • the opportunity for self-reflection 
  • challenging cross-sector group work
  • further career development through coaching sessions.

The program is mapped against the principles of 70:20:10, combining elements of formal training, group and peer learning, and on the job application of new knowledge. The program begins with participants completing a diagnostic assessment and concludes with the presentation of their cross-sector group work. The four modules, coaching sessions and group work are completed over nine months.

Who should​ take part?

Leadership essentials is specifically designed for leaders at Public Service and Government Officers General Agreement levels 7–9 (and equivalent), supporting their development to be successful senior executives.


Nominations for 2017 are closed.

Expressions of interest may be emailed to leadership@psc.wa.gov.au.

Nominees must meet a range of criteria including leadership potential, demonstrated commitment to personal development and development of others, and availability to attend all aspects of the program. CEO endorsement is required.

For further enquiries, please contact the Program Manager at leadership@psc.wa.gov.au or on (08)6552 8604.


Page last updated 21 April 2017