Management essentials

The Commission is pleased to offer Management essentials, a series of modules delivered as individual workshops, aimed at mid-level managers across the WA public sector.

Developed in 2014, these modules provide managers with skills and tools to equip them to better manage in a time of public sector constraint – within a tough economic environment. Operating within this context presents challenges for the delivery of services while managing community expectations. Mid-level managers at the front line of the sector’s services play a significant role in meeting these challenges.

In response to the demand for more effective service delivery—working smarter with less—the sector is focused on improving performance and productivity. Ethical conduct, good governance, workforce management and workforce planning are all integral to achieving high performance across the sector, and ensuring the ongoing delivery of high quality services to the community.

Management essentials empowers managers at Levels 4 – 6 to make good decisions and lead from where they are, positively impacting the performance of their team, their agency, and the wider public sector. This program is targeted to officers who manage a team of direct reports, providing ample opportunities to apply learnings direct from the workshop to the workplace.

Management essentials is free for WA public sector employees.

Why attend Management es​sentials?

  • A specially designed initiative which allows leaders to manage their own professional development by choosing and attending the modules relevant to their needs.
  • Intensive one day workshops to suit the busy public servant, encouraging further individual research and development.
  • Case studies, scenarios and activities with a public sector specific focus.
  • Challenges participants to problem solve outside of their normal work environment and broaden their thinking to whole-of-public-sector.
  • Provides tools and techniques which can be immediately applied from the workshop to the workplace.
  • Fosters a strong peer learning experience and encourages participants to form and sustain networks across the sector with the intention of best practice and knowledge sharing.


Management essentials workshop schedule has been completed for the 2016/2017 financial year. If you are interested in future Management essentials workshops, we are accepting expressions of interest via an email to

Enquiries can also be directed to or on 6552 8562.

Page last updated 21 April 2017