Management essentials

The Commission is pleased to offer Management essentials, a series of modules delivered as individual workshops, aimed at mid-level managers across the WA public sector.

There are five Management essentials modules:

  1. Managing change
  2. Managing people
  3. Managing self
  4. Critical thinking
  5. Managing risk

The modules provide people managers with practical skills and tools to better manage their teams in a time of public sector change, uncertainty and fiscal constraint.

Management essentials aims to provide people managers a ‘toolkit’ they can apply immediately after the workshop to effectively lead their teams through the challenges presented to them, while ensuring the community continues to receive the high quality services it requires.

Each module is designed to provide the tools for increased capability in each aspect of a team manager’s role, with no requirement to complete all five modules. The modules are stand alone and comprise of techniques, strategies, tools and thought provoking activities to empower the people manager to have a positive impact and make good decisions. Developing good management skills benefits agencies and the wider public sector.


Management essentials is targeted at officers who manage a team of direct reports, providing tangible learning outcomes that can be directly applied in the workplace. To be eligible officers must be:

  • currently in a people management role, where they are able to practice the concepts presented in the workshops and are able to contribute practical experiences
  • a WA public sector employee PSGOGA levels 4 – 6 or equivalent salary bands (e.g. team leader or manager, coordinator etc. or in the approximate salary range of $76,000—$110,000)
  • supported by their agency to attend
  • able to attend the workshop in person, at the designated location.

Management essentials is not suitable for levels PSGOGA 7 (or equivalent) and above. Professional development opportunities provided through the Commission for this cohort include Leadership essentials  and ANZSOG programs.

Please note: This is a practicing management program and not suitable for those aspiring to be managers

Benefits of attending Management essentials

  • The initiative is tailored to allow leaders to manage their own professional development by choosing and attending the modules relevant to their needs.
  • Workshops are intensive one-day sessions suited to busy public sector employees, encouraging further individual research and development.
  • Attendees learn about actual case studies, scenarios and activities with a public sector specific focus.
  • Sessions challenge participants to problem solve outside of their normal work environment and broaden their thinking to whole-of-public-sector issues and concepts.
  • Workshops provide tools and techniques which can be immediately applied from the workshop to the workplace.
  • Attendees develop strong peer learning experiences helping to establish sustained networks across the sector and best practice and knowledge sharing.


As of 1 July 2018, the cost per participant is $165 per workshop (excl. GST).

How to participate

There are currently no workshops scheduled.


Please direct any enquiries to the leadership team at or on (08) 6552 8516.

Page last updated 24 June 2019