Managing Change

Shaping a desired organisational culture requires change to be managed at all levels. This workshop provides managers with a greater awareness of the drivers of change and explores practical strategies for developing a culture of change agility and the habits to implement, and support change in their own team.

During this module, participants will:

  • apply a model for dealing with change as an individual to understand the human side of change and the importance of an agile mindset in developing change agility¬†
  • explore the types of change that can occur in a public sector environment (e.g. machinery of government, public sector reform) and apply a model of organisational change
  • develop effective change management strategies to make decisions despite lack of clarity
  • seek to understand the vision and purpose behind the change and work with staff to support them throughout the change process, including strategies for communicating effectively and promoting a positive change culture amongst teams that is sustainable.


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Page last updated 29 August 2019