Managing people

To get the best out of their team members, managers need to establish a shared understanding of agency priorities, team goals and individual accountability. Managing people provides managers with practical strategies to engage team members and coach them to successful outcomes.

It is necessary for managers to properly manage and enhance their team’s performance, as well as maintain good working relations with team members. This module aims to provide managers with practical strategies to initiate performance management confidently, and build trusting relationships with their teams on the front line.

Managing people is specifically for officers who already have foundational people management experience and are looking to strengthen these skills.

During this module, participants will:

  • define the meaning and function of effective performance management in a public sector environment
  • assess strategies to foster and enhance employee engagement
  • understand how to listen, understand and recognise the needs of others, while valuing individual differences and diversity
  • identify ways to utilise the skill sets of team members to achieve successful outcomes
  • discuss strategies to overcome difficult conversations and practice constructive feedback tactics.

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Page last updated 20 December 2018