Cadetships are employment and competency based programs, tailored to meet industry requirements—the WA public sector environment—and are available to existing public sector employees.

The pilot cadetships have been developed as sector-wide cadetships and are aligned with Australian Apprenticeships, the Department of Training and Workforce Development’s (DTWD) Skilling WA, A workforce plan for Western Australian and the Public Sector Commission’s Employment-based training strategy 2013-2015. The programs were established in collaboration with DTWD, Electrical Utilities and Public Administration Training Council under Australian Apprenticeships within the Vocational Education and Training Act 1996.

The cadetships will draw on existing experience and knowledge of participants to enhance the career pathways and opportunities for participants through on the job training, and assessment.

The Commission identified gaps across the public sector in human resources, financial services and investigations. These areas were also supported by the State Priority Occupations List 

The pilot cadetships included the Diploma of Government –  Human Resources which commenced in October 2014,  Diploma of Government – Financial Services (PSP50512) which commenced in March 2015 and the Diploma of Government – Investigations which commenced in September 2015.

These pilots represent a significant workforce development initiative that provide innovative ways to address aging workforce requirements by investing in current experience and attracting youth into the sector by providing life-long learning pathways. These cadetships are a first for the public sector in Western Australia.

The Public Sector Commission will conduct a review of the Pilot Cadetship initiatives and provide a report back to the Department of Training and Workforce Development in January 2018. If you have any enquiries relating to any of these qualification pathways, please contact Kerry Collins.


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