Internship program

The Public Sector Internship Program enables university students to apply their skills and knowledge in a professional capacity through work-based projects in public sector agencies.

The program connects agencies with skilled, knowledgeable and enthusiastic thinkers for specific projects whilst providing university students the opportunity to learn more about the public sector.

The program is for undergraduate and postgraduate students including those completing doctorates.

Key facts for agencies

While agencies may place internship opportunities on the internships board (part of at any time during the year, it is best to align these opportunities with university semester dates.

  • Semester 1: March to June
  • Winter semester: June to July
  • Semester 2: July to November
  • Summer semester: December to February 

For semester 2 in 2019, agencies are encouraged place details on the board by 5 July.

Step 1: Identify a work-based project. Use the internship project template to define the project scope, internship period and deliverables in preparation for placing the opportunity on the internships board. Projects should help agencies to meet their strategic outcomes and, where possible, align with the priorities of government. This should be completed at least six weeks before semester begins.

Step 2: Place details of the project on the internships board. This should be done two to six weeks before semester begins.

Step 3: Select an intern to complete the project. This can be done any time before semester begins. Internships typically take place during a 15-week semester but this can be negotiated.

The program guidelines provide detailed information for agencies.

Information for students interested in applying

Student must seek approval from their university unit coordinator before considering an internship. 

All internships are on the internships jobs board and students apply directly to the agency.

The university unit coordinator receives an automated email once a student has submitted their application requesting approval of the application. Approval must be given before the agency is able to consider the application.

The program guidelines provide detailed information for students and universities.

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Page last updated 27 November 2019