Policy essentials

The Policy Essentials Program is a capability development program aimed at mid-level policy practitioners. Developed following sector-wide consultation, the delivery of the Policy essentials program supports the ongoing application and incorporation of the Policy capability framework across the public sector.

The program:

  • is contextualised for Western Australian public sector policy practitioners
  • is designed around contemporary, real-life examples
  • offers challenging cross-sector group project work, and 
  • is delivered by experienced policy practitioners working in the sector. 

About the program

The Policy essentials program adopts the blended learning approach, and comprises of four one day workshops, delivered once per month over a period of four months, plus a half-day group project presentation session.

The workshops include face-to-face delivery, scenario-based activities and active learning, and pre and post-workshop learning activities that facilitate on-the-job application.

The program is aimed at mid-level policy practitioners and is suitable for people new to a policy role, including those with academic policy qualifications but who do not have substantial on the job policy experience, or those who have entered the policy function as ‘technical experts’ but without formal policy training. It can also provide the opportunity for experienced policy practitioners to update their skills and knowledge and develop their leadership and collaboration skills.


The program:

  • is designed and delivered by policy practitioners from within the sector
  • provides the opportunity to develop networks with other policy practitioners
  • utilises small group sizes to maximise learning
  • delivers content immediately applicable to the policy function in the workplace
  • follows a hybrid policy cycle
  • provides valuable resources and references for immediate use.

Who should participate?

Policy essentials is aimed at practitioners working within a policy environment. 

The program is open to employees from all public sector agencies and who are able to meet the following criteria: 

  • employees currently in a level 4 – 6 position (or equivalent classification level)
  • both permanent and fixed-term employees on a contract for the full tenure of the program
  • practitioners currently working within a policy environment
  • employees whose applications have been endorsed by their agency’s application coordinator and assigned a priority ranking.

Preference will be given to candidates who are currently working in either a strategic or organisational policy capacity.


This program is provided to participants for free.

How to apply

If you have any questions, please contact the Commission on 6552 8975 to discuss.

For queries about the Policy essentials program please contact PolicyCapability@psc.wa.gov.au or on (08) 6552 8975.

Page last updated 14 August 2019