Managing workplace behaviour guide

The Public Sector Commission, has recognised that managers and human resources staff in the public sector have a difficult task of managing issues and concerns relating to problematic, inappropriate and unwanted work place behaviour.

Managing workplace behaviour - a guide for agencies is intended to assist managers and human resources staff in selecting the appropriate process to apply in certain circumstances.  Rather than detailing how to conduct each process, this guide provides a framework to assist in deciding which process to use in particular circumstances.

The guide covers the following key areas:


  • What constitutes a grievance
  • Associated instruments
  • Grievance under the PSM Act
  • When to use the grievance resolution process

Substandard performance

  • Substandard Performance under the PSM Act
  • Associated instruments
  • When might performance be considered substandard
  • What causes substandard performance
  • When to use the substandard performance process


  • Discipline under the PSM Act
  • Associated Instruments
  • What constitutes a breach of discipline
  • When to use the discipline process
  • External notifications

Employee wellbeing

  • Retirement on the grounds of ill health
  • Employee assistance programs


This resource is intended to be used a guide only. For more information contact the Advisory Line on (08) 6552 8888.

Page last updated 11 June 2018