How PSC assesses allegations

The PSC is required under the CCM Act to assess every report or notification it receives. When assessing matters the key issues taken into consideration include:

  • Whether the matter falls within the PSC’s jurisdiction – if not the PSC may refer it to another appropriate authority or take no further action
  • The seniority of the public officer involved and the position the public officer holds
  • Whether the matter has system level implications within the agency concerned, or for the broader sectors
  • Whether the public authority has the resources and capability to investigate the matter itself
  • Whether the matter raised is of particular interest to the PSC or the CCC in relation to broader patterns of conduct or particular themes in ongoing prevention and education work.

There are a number of options available to the PSC following assessment:

  • Taking no further action in relation to the matter
  • Referring the matter back to the public authority for it to manage
  • Referring the matter back to the public authority for it to manage, with the PSC monitoring the process undertaken and/or the outcome
  • Investigating the matter using investigation or inquiry powers that are available to the Commissioner
  • Investigating cooperatively with the CCC, or another appropriate authority
  • Referring the matter to the CCC, or to another appropriate authority.

The PSC aims to assess notifications and reports as quickly as possible. This process is assisted by detailed reports and notifications that reference or include all available evidence.

Page last updated 28 September 2018