Accountable and Ethical Decision Making (AEDM) program

Public sector officers in Western Australia work in an ever changing workplace. The roles and tasks carried out by government agencies and organisations are increasingly diverse and challenging. The scrutiny placed on decision making in the public sector is also increasing. The conduct of  public officers impacts on the level of trust the public has in the integrity of public administration.

The AEDM  training has been designed to assist public officers find answers to accountability questions that may arise in their daily work and explain the standards of conduct expected of them. Training is offered by the Public Sector Commission to all public sector Chief Executive Officers and Directors General. Public sector bodies (departments, SES organisations, non-SES organisations (including boards established under their own legislation) and ministerial offices as defined under the Public Sector Management Act 1994 and all employees of these bodies) are responsible for providing the training to their employees.

A refresher session is also available for public sector bodies wishing to revisit key AEDM messages with employees who have already completed the full program.

The AEDM program has been customised for public sector boards and committees. The program suits a face-to-face delivery and board chairs are encouraged to deliver it themselves.

In recognition of the role that local government plays as a sphere of government and in serving the community, the Commission has developed an AEDM program customised for local government, which is intended to support local governments in the development of an accountability program that assists employees to better understand expected standards of conduct and their obligations in serving the public interest.  The AEDM program for local governments is comprised of a guide for developing a code of conduct and supporting accountable and ethical decision making workshop materials.

Page last updated 29 June 2016