2018 Thought Leadership series – Dana Born

On the 10 to 12 September 2018 Retired Brigadier General and Harvard Professor Dana Born delivered a number of sessions and a two day workshop on her work on authentic leadership.  Her presentations and links to additional material are below.

Presentation – Authentic leadership: can we both ‘do good’ and ‘do well’ (sessions for CEOs, senior executives and human resource and aspiring leaders) (see below)


Concepts of leadership and power are shifting dramatically in response to the complexities of our contemporary environment. 

Retired Brigadier General and now Harvard Professor Dana Born exemplifies this shift as well as teaching it with distinction around the world. Starting out in the archetypal hierarchical organisation, the military, with its emphasis on command and control, she now sees the need for a transformation characterised by authentic, values-driven leadership which empowers others and reflects our true selves. 

Her work on leadership will hearten all of us who came into public service to make the world a better place, with its demonstration of how authenticity, courage and personal and professional clarity can help us both ‘do good’ and ‘do well’.

Two-day workshop  – Authentic Leadership (see below)


Challenging conventional assumptions about leadership, this transformative workshop will help you take control of your career. It will increase your readiness for new leadership opportunities. 

Participants learned how to shift their leadership focus from “I” to “we”, discovering that authentic leadership is about leading by example and empowering others. 

This workshop assisted participants apply practical tools that address their day-to-day challenges to achieve more with what they have and sometimes less. At a strategic level, the challenge is defining what to focus on to improve service to the public. At the tactical level the challenge is to increase output, reduce lead times, improve quality and reduce waste. On a day to day level it comes down deliverables - achieving due dates without compromising scope, quality, and cost. 

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The Three Pillars of Organizational Excellence; Born Hendrix & Pate;  The Journal of Character & Leadership Integration Winter 2017 (Copy attached)

The purpose of this research was to investigate if character and job enrichment add in the prediction of organizational effectiveness above and beyond that of leadership alone. 

Relationship of Transformational Leadership and Character with five organisational outcomes; Hendrix, Born & Hopkins; The Journal of Character & Leadership Integration Spring 2015 (Copy attached)

The purpose of this research is to investigate if a leader’s character traits add in predicting organizational outcomes beyond that predicted by a leader’s transformational leadership style and to see if some transformational leaders do display a dark side.

The Authenticity Paradox” by Herminia Ibarra;  Harvard Business Review 2015, 01

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