2018 Thought Leadership series – Yehudi Blacher

On Tuesday 17 July 2018 Professor Yehudi Blacher, Professorial Fellow at the University of Melbourne and former senior leader in a number of Victorian multi-Ministerial omnibus departments, delivered a number of sessions sharing his long standing policy experience and knowledge in navigating the challenges of reporting to multiple ministers. His presentations and links to additional material are below.

Presentation – New ways of framing and advancing policy when working with multiple ministers (policy practitioner session) (see below)


Western Australia’s wide-ranging machinery of government changes have not only been driven by cost reduction imperatives but, as the Premier articulated, ‘new leadership, new departmental mandates and new opportunities for the public sector to drive substantial long-term change and maximise each opportunity to deliver better services to the community’. 

This session considered what do these targets for delivering improved public value mean for policy advice in practice? How can we best draw on the lengthy experience of other jurisdictions to ensure we both support our portfolio ministers well and maximise the policy and delivery benefit of larger departments?


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