Agency BIPERS scores

This document relates to the Executive Classification and Remuneration

Any request to assess the classification level of a particular position is undertaken in accordance with an approved classification system or procedures and specific regard is taken into account of the position's changed circumstances, particularly any changes in work value. For positions classified from Level 1 to 8 within the public service, the job evaluation tool, known as BIPERS and explained in the Classification Determination Manual issued in 1989, is the only approved tool that can be used for evaluation purposes. Your Human Resource Manager/Unit should have a copy of the manual.

Agency FTE numbers are used to determine an appropriate BIPERS score for size of agency, for the purposes of applying the BIPERS Job Evaluation Tool, as part of the classification assessment of positions within the public service. The BIPERS scores for public services agencies have been updated using FTE data from the 2014 September quarter and to reflect Machinery of Government changes.

Agency BIPERS Scores as of July 2015 



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