ANZSOG/PSC Western Australia series - Dr George Argyrous, Senior Lecturer and one of three Principals of ANZSOG’s Evidence and Evaluation Hub

On Thursday 18 May and Friday 19 May 2017 Dr George Argyrous delivered a number of sessions, his presentations and links to material referenced during these presentations are below.

  • Picking the Melbourne Cup - Uses and abuses of statistical modelling (General session 19 May 2017)
    • A quality assessment tool for non-specialist users of regression analysis - Dr Argyrous’ paper on a series of questions non-specialist ‘consumers’ of evidence, such as policy makers can ask to interrogate the quality of data before them and understand its limitations.
  • Better outcomes for better policy and programs (Alumni event 18 May 2017)
  • Building a culture of evidence based decision making (SES session 19 May 2017)
  • Thinking about outcomes for your agency (CEO session 19 May 2017)

Links to the research papers and other material referred to during Dr Argyrous presentation are also below: 

  • NSW Human Services Outcomes Framework – Fact Sheet
  • Measuring Social Housing Outcomes – Desktop review of evidence - Interim Report
  • Outcomes Frameworks: a guide for providers and commissioners of youth services

For those looking to take the conversation further with Dr Argyrous you can visit the Evidence & Evaluation Hub on ANZSOG’s website. 

Page last updated 1 November 2017