ANZSOG/PSC Western Australia series - Scott Douglas

On Monday 31 July 2017 Dr Scott Douglas, Assistant Professor of Public Management at Utrecht School of Governance in the Netherlands delivered a number of sessions, his presentations and links to additional material are below.

Presentation - Successful Governance: Good news from around the world (General session) (see below)


In volatile and uncertain times, with heightened public accountability, loss of trust in institutions and skeptical and empowered citizens, the need to build good governance is greater than ever. However much attention is often devoted to failing policies, wasted public money, poor leadership and declining institutions.  Dr Douglas’ reminds us that there is much to learn from our successes and we need to get better at tracking, talking about and transplanting public governance success.  

This presentation was recorded.  If you would like a copy please contact our events team.

Presentation – Collaborating to solve wicked problems: the case of child protection (SES case study workshop) (see below)


With the first wave of machinery of government in effect it is imperative we redefine our collaborative frameworks in order to strengthen our ability to perform and ultimately improve the lives of citizens in our community. Adopting a case-based approach Dr Douglas provides some insight on how a Child Protection agency in the Netherlands did this and shared its lessons with us. 

For more reading on successful delivery: The OECD recently published a report about four cases in: the Netherlands (the child protection case), Iceland, Canada, and Finland. The report captures both the positive spirit (Good News!) and focus (system-level collaboration) of Dr Douglas’ presentations. 


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