Civic Innovation Masterclass: Accelerating the innovator within you

The Commission is delighted to present the Civic Innovation Masterclass, a two-part masterclass delivered by Dr David Ricketts, covering the essentials of the course he teaches at Harvard University. It is tailored to management teams and innovators at all levels.
In this interactive masterclass you will gain an understanding about how innovation arises. You will learn how to harness your skills and creativity to accelerate innovation in your agency and your career.
Be prepared to have fun and change the way you think!
The two-part masterclass takes place on 30 July 2019 in West Perth and includes four modules:
Part One 
Module 1: Disruptive Innovation
Trends and Opportunities in Innovation
  • How and why industries and cities are disrupted.
  • How can you find and develop disruptive ideas and innovations?
  • How successful industries have pivoted to become the disruptors.
Module 2: The Creative Mind (Part 1)
  • Learn what blocks us from being more creative and how we can overcome this.
  • Team and individual creativity – how to develop and sustain it.
Part Two
Module 3: The Creative Mind (Part 2)
  • How can your team learn to be more creative and develop truly disruptive ideas?
  • Frameworks for creativity and tools for systemic idea generation.
Module 4: How to create Innovative Products and Services for your Citizens
  • Learn how to uncover hidden value for your city.
  • Creating products and services that amaze and surpass your citizens’ expectations.
  • Frameworks for idea development through prototyping.


This two-part workshop is a total cost of $250.00 (excl. GST) per participant.



The workshop is tailored to management teams and innovators at all levels.


How to participate

Online registrations close Thursday 25 July 2019 at 4.00pm.



If you have any questions, please contact the Strategic Communications team at or 6552 8579.


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