Information for PID Officers - Navigating the PID Act

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8 October, 2019 - 09:00 to 12:00

The PID Act aims to ensure openness and accountability in government by encouraging people to make disclosures - or whistleblowing - and protecting them when they do.


Martin Jull Professional Development Centre

Dumas House 2 Havelock Street




Phone: 6552 8888


You must be, or are likely to be, designated by your Principal Executive Officer as a Public Interest Disclosure (PID) Officer to attend this session.
The PID Act enables people to make disclosures about wrongdoing within the State public sector, local government and public universities without fear of reprisal. As a PID Officer, you have a number of key roles and responsibilities to your public authority and to anyone considering making a disclosure. This course will give you the knowledge to assist and access to resources to help you undertake your role with confidence.
Navigating the PID Act
If you are a PID Officer, this session is a must. All registered PID Officers are invited to attend this 3 hour course.
The session will cover:
  • A walk through the Public Interest Disclosure Act 2003
  • Your role and responsibilities as a PID Officer
  • How you can build awareness of public interest disclosures within your public authority
However, this is not a course on how to investigate a public interest disclosure.