Management essentials: Critical thinking

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19 March, 2019 - 09:00 to 16:30

Management essentials (ME) is a series of modules delivered as individual workshops, aimed at mid-level managers (levels 4–6) across the WA public sector. ME empowers participants to make good decisions and lead from where they are, positively impacting the performance of their team, their agency, and the wider public sector.


Martin Jull Professional Development Centre.

Dumas House 2 Havelock Street




Phone: 6552 8579


Critical thinking
To think critically and make sound decisions, managers need strong networks, support and experience. The aim of this module is to help managers recognise and use different approaches to solve problems and adopt a proactive and reflective mindset.
During this module, participants will:
  • define ‘critical thinking’
  • identify components of critical thinking
  • analyse situations of critical thinking and decision making
  • apply critical thinking models to the public sector and more widely
  • recognise tensions experienced by public sector employees when making decisions.
  • This module is best suited to those who may be working on a large project or body of work.
The cost per participant is $165.00 per workshop (exc GST). 
To participate in ME, participants must be in a Level 4 – 6 role managing a team of direct reports, providing ample opportunities to apply learnings direct from the workshop to the workplace.
For more information on other modules and more on the eligibility and benefits of the program please visit the Management essentials webpage.
Please direct any enquiries to the leadership team at or on 6552 8516.