Commission assesses City of Melville conflict of interest allegation

7 April 2017

The Public Sector Commission has assessed allegations of misconduct regarding a City of Melville officer, in relation to a proposed wave park project in Alfred Cove.

Given the level of public interest, the Commission wishes to clarify its role in the matter.

On 24 March 2017, the Public Sector Commission received a letter from the City of Melville regarding allegations of misconduct by one of the City’s officers, Mr Todd Cahoon. The allegation claimed he has a continuing conflict of interest in relation to the City of Melville Lawn Bowls Strategy and the Wave Park Group Pty Ltd proposal.  

Having assessed the information provided by the City of Melville, the Commission considered that the conflict of interest appeared to be appropriately managed and, on that basis, the conduct did not amount to minor misconduct as defined within s. 4(d) of the Corruption and Crime Commission Act 2003.  

To meet the definition, the misconduct must be of such significance it could provide reasonable grounds for the termination of a public officer’s employment. The Commission decided to take no further action in relation to the matter, however, the City was reminded of its ongoing obligation to notify the Commission of any suspected minor misconduct. 

Should additional information become available, the Commission would consider the matter further.

The Commission also notes the City of Melville’s media release on 6 April 2017, which states the Commission ‘found no minor misconduct’ in relation to the matter.

It should be noted that the Commission does not make ‘findings’ (in the way that a court or tribunal does) but instead made an assessment based on material provided by the City.


Page last updated 7 April 2017