Details of Commissioner’s review into Housing Authority confirmed

19 November 2019

Public Sector Commissioner Sharyn O’Neill today confirmed details of the independent review she will be conducting into the Housing Authority, as directed by Premier Mark McGowan.

It comes after a Corruption and Crime Commission and WA Police criminal investigation into the organisation resulted in corruption charges being laid against a senior public servant.

Ms O’Neill said the review would look into the organisation’s governance controls, its legislative and administrative arrangements and, where relevant, the circumstances that allowed the alleged corruption to take place.

“We want to understand how it could have gone undetected, the gaps in their processes and policies that allowed it to take place, and whether the culture of the organisation contributed,” she said.

“The review will also be used to identify what improvements can be made across the board to prevent this from happening again.”

The review will run along-side the CCC and WA Police continuing criminal investigation and may be informed by any new information that comes light.

“This is a live, ongoing and complicated criminal investigation and there are some matters that might take a little longer for us to review as they will be informed by the CCC and WA Police work,” Ms O’Neill said.

Ms O’Neill said that the review would also help to ensure the right mechanisms were in place to promote a culture of integrity across the government sector.

“However, having processes in place does not always mean corruption won’t occur. People make it their business to ignore them which is why we also need to look at the culture that enables this sort of alleged corruption to flourish,” she said.

“From the Public Sector Commission’s perspective, we will continue to push the expectation that in every single agency and for every single government worker this sort of corrupt behaviour is not on.

“We want people with the best and highest values in the government sector. We serve the public, we don’t serve ourselves.”

Due to the ongoing nature of the criminal investigation, the terms of reference for the review are still being developed and will be made public once confirmed.


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