Ideas wanted now on how our workplaces can be more diverse and inclusive

12 August 2019

How many times do we start a conversation with a work colleague with “I think...”? Like “I think we should…” or “I think we can…” or “I think it’s time…”.
A brand new interactive online ideas community called iThink (WA Public Sector) aims to capture the thousands of ideas being talked about every day at workplaces across the public sector.
“I am very excited to launch this new initiative which is a first for the public sector in Western Australia,” says Public Sector Commissioner, Sharyn O’Neill.
“With 140,000 staff from virtually every profession, trade and background, it makes sense to use this wealth of experience, skill, talent and expertise to help solve some of the public policy challenges of now and the future.
“Ideas from our own people can help make our sector even better – and that means better services for Western Australians.
“Our first call for ideas is on how we can make our sector more diverse and where everyone’s voice is valued.”
Research shows that staff are 10 times more likely to be highly effective if they are in a diverse team. And workplaces that are welcoming for everyone are good business practice.
Sonja Cox, Executive Director People, Culture and Diversity at the Commission, is leading the work on iThink and the development of a sector-wide workforce diversification strategy.
“iThink is an opt-in platform where sector staff can post ideas and we can all watch the best ideas grow,” she says.
“Our first challenge is for ideas on improving diversity and inclusion in the sector.
“Think big, think differently, think creatively, think widely. Think by yourself or with colleagues. Think in your teams or join teams to get the best ideas.
“So sign up now for iThink and start the conversation today.
“We need everyone’s ideas within the next four weeks.”

Page last updated 12 August 2019