International Anti-Corruption Day – Monday 9 December 2019

18 November 2019

International Anti-Corruption Day – Monday 9 December 2019
This International Anti-Corruption Day we want you to put the spotlight on integrity, and consider the importance of preventing misconduct and corruption.

We know the Western Australian public expects us to demonstrate a high integrity culture each and every day, through the decisions we make and the actions we take. When this does not happen, it undermines the community’s trust in us.

By observing International Anti-Corruption Day you reinforce that for us to operate with the highest integrity, we must each play our part in building and sustaining a culture that is resistant to misconduct and corruption.

Why get involved?

  • Confirms your authority’s commitment to integrity, and preventing misconduct.
  • Provides an opportunity to:
    • work through ethical dilemmas that may face your employees
    • tackle difficult integrity challenges together
    • identify and address any misconduct vulnerabilities and integrity risks
    • develop solutions to tough integrity problems.
  • Provides an opportunity to increase knowledge and understanding of what contributing to a high integrity culture looks like in your workplace.

Plan an activity

Here are some ideas for activities you can run in your workplace to observe International Anti-Corruption Day.

  • Make a resolution to include ‘integrity’ as a standing meeting item on your corporate executive agenda.

  • Highlight the good work being done in the integrity space in your authority – your corporate governance, conduct and standards or human resources branches may have some good work they want to share.

  • Develop (review and update) and release a key integrity policy, for example your risk management policy; fraud and corruption control plan; or conflicts of interest and gifts, benefits and hospitality policy and procedures.

  • Review and re-launch your authority’s code of conduct.

  • Review your Accountable and Ethical Decision Making training (or other ethical training package) and run a refresher for your employees.

  • Re-state your authority’s values and re-affirm your ‘no tolerance’ approach to misconduct– perhaps add it to the newsfeed on your intranet or website.

  • Remind staff about reporting and your public interest disclosure (or whistleblowing) processes –circulate the names of your PID officers with a link to Speaking Out: A Guide to Making a Public Interest Disclosure video.

  • Hold a morning tea and invite a guest speaker to discuss a topical integrity matter.

  • Publish an intranet article about the importance of a high integrity culture – consider using the joint communique recently released by Australia’s anti-corruption Commissioners.

  • Pin up our International Anti-Corruption Day 2019 posters in common areas around your workplace to raise awareness.

  • Ask employees to add the International Anti-Corruption Day logo to the bottom of work related emails – or roll it out as part of your signature block protocols through your IT department.

Getting started

Your activity can be as large and complex, or as simple as you like, but all authorities are encouraged to plan something to observe International Anti-Corruption Day 2019. Most of the activities outlined have no or low cost implications.

  • Target audience: Activities can be planned for individual work teams, separate divisions, regional offices or across the whole workplace. Think about the best way to spread the message to as many employees as possible.

  • Buy in: Consider what current employee groups you have in place who could ‘champion’ International Anti-Corruption Day. They could deliver, or assist with delivering, activities. Your leadership team should also be briefed on preparations.

  • Plan: Think about what types of activities are best suited for your target audience, the planning time available and resourcing constraints. For example, you may already have a policy in development or your code of conduct under review, and ‘launching’ it on International Anti-Corruption Day may tie in well.

  • Promote: Now you have your activity planned, consider the best way to let people know about it. Create awareness through word of mouth, use posters in common areas in your workplace, or place information on your intranet. Tell people what you are doing, why you are doing it and what’s in it for them.

  • On the day: It is important to celebrate the wins, and highlight your authority’s work towards a high integrity culture. Record how your workplace is observing International Anti-Corruption Day by publishing a story on your intranet, or taking photos and putting them up in break rooms.

Remember to promote the importance of International Anti-Corruption Day too.

Use #UnitedAgainstCorruption to join the global community.


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