Jawun Indigenous Corporate Partnership Program: Marcia Czerniak

3 January 2020

Over the past six weeks we have been following the Department of Education’s Marcia Czerniak as she takes part in the Jawun Indigenous Corporate Partnership Program.

Marcia was placed with Nyamba Buru Yawuru in Broome and has been sharing her stories with us each week. This is Marcia’s final instalment, wrapping up her experience in the Jawun program.

"I have tried to write this so many times since coming home, but it has been hard to put into words how I felt about my secondment coming to an end and being back in Perth.

Saying it was amazing or a life-changing experience sounds too clichéd. To be honest, it has been a little hard to transition back into things since coming home.

The post-Jawun blues are definitely real; especially those first few days being back at work. People ask how it was, and you try to explain, but you know they will never get it. I don’t know if I have fully processed it all.

The last week of secondment went so fast, I just remember thinking, ‘I need another week’. Another week to finish the project, to be able to fit everything in, to spend more time with people… but then I was also missing things back home as well, so it was like being pulled in two directions.

Amidst all my muddled thoughts, here are a few things that I was able to take away from it:

  • I am so thankful I was placed at Nyamba Buru Yawuru. I learnt so much from the staff there; more than I could put into words. I was made to feel so welcome and loved being able to get to know them and them getting to know me. Working there being surrounded by such amazing people made me look forward going to work every day.
  • I really do love Broome. The first time I went there, I was like, ‘I could live here’. It could be home. I feel that even more now.
  • I know I only got a small glimpse, but Broome is a complex place. I really hope people see past the camel rides and learn some of the history and culture of Yawuru people to see its true beauty.
  • Being back, I can now see there is so much I can do better from what I have learnt, and how I can share this with my colleagues at my work. For that I am truly thankful. 
  • The mangoes are crazy tasty. I was able to share how good they were with my family thanks to the fresh mangoes, dried mangoes and mango cheesecake that were given to me by two of the ladies at work to bring home.
  • I really, really enjoyed being part of the Jawun experience. I loved meeting and getting to know the other secondees (especially my roomie, who was the best housemate you could get) and our Regional Director, who went above and beyond for us the whole time.

I think we all left with a piece of Broome etched into our souls and an experience that we will never forget.

Gala mabu. Galiya xx"

Page last updated 3 January 2020