New Director General of Department of Education appointed

7 December 2018

Lisa Rodgers has been appointed Director General of the Department of Education. She will take up the position early in 2019.

Public Sector Commissioner Sharyn O’Neill announced the appointment today.

Ms Rodgers is currently head of the Australian Institute of Teaching and School Leadership and before that was Deputy Secretary (equivalent of Deputy Director General in Western Australia) in the New Zealand Ministry of Education.

“With a strong background in education for nearly 20 years, Ms Rodgers will bring a fresh approach to the Western Australian public school system and to the broader role of the Department of Education,” Ms O’Neill said.

Ms Rodgers (47) was born in the United Kingdom and studied at the University of Wales, graduating with first class honours in psychology.

The Governor in Executive Council approved the appointment of Ms Rodgers for a five year term commencing on 28 January 2019.



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