The new InterSector is coming soon...

24 June 2013

The Public Sector Commission has developed a new InterSector website, which is nearly ready to go live. The new InterSector:

  • brings increased focus to public sector news, with a revised article submission process and engaging features to encourage agencies to participate
  • includes an events calendar outlining forums, seminars and courses relevant to public sector employees
  • provides forums for public sector employees to share information and network online with their colleagues from across the sector.

InterSector subscribers

Subscribers to the current InterSector website will not be registered on the new website automatically. When the new website goes live, the Commission will send an email to all subscribers with instructions on how to create a new account and set up subscriptions. We have changed the frequency of emails to subscribers to fortnightly—emails will be shorter and the news will be more timely.

InterSector article contributors

Agency representatives who contribute articles to InterSector are encouraged to prepare their articles in line with the new Article guidelines. These guidelines emphasise the need for agencies to customise articles for a public sector audience. They also include instructions on how to create a new account, request access to enter articles directly to the website, and submit these articles to the moderators for approval.

As article emails will be sent to subscribers fortnightly, the traditional six-weekly InterSector deadline no longer applies. Contributors are encouraged to prepare and submit articles to the moderators as soon as possible, so that readers receive timely and relevant information. The moderators will then review the article (and, if necessary, facilitate the Public Sector Commissioner’s approval), with the aim of publishing articles within one to two weeks of receipt.

PSWA Announce subscribers

PSWA Announce will be retired with the establishment of the new InterSector events calendar. The calendar will highlight forums, seminars and courses relevant to public sector employees, and can be filtered by region and event type. By creating an InterSector account, you can subscribe to receive a fortnightly email that shows upcoming events for the next eight weeks.

Please note that PSWA Announce subscribers will not be automatically subscribed to the new InterSector website. An email will be distributed via PSWA Announce when the new website is available.

PSWA Announce event providers

A new process for event providers is detailed in the Events calendar guidelines. Importantly, all providers will need to create an InterSector account and request approval via the new website to be an event provider before they are able to post to the calendar.

The event submission process has two parts: the events themselves and the event dates. This means that moderators will only need to approve the event information once, and providers can then add as many dates as they like without seeking further approvals.

Please note that with the incorporation of an events calendar, public sector event providers will no longer be able to send a pre-formatted email to subscribers; all providers will need to use the forms to post to the calendar, and subscribers will receive a consolidated email. This is an intentional change to improve the consistency of event posts and reduce email ‘spam’.

HRShare, PolicyNet, FinShare and HRM participants

These mailing lists will be retired with the establishment of the new InterSector forums. Access to the forums will be available to all public sector employees who create an InterSector account and agree to abide by the Forum guidelines. Subscribers to the mailing lists will not be automatically subscribed to the new website.

The forums themselves are separated by targeted profession groups (human resources, finance and communications), as well as a general forum for all public sector employees. Participants will be able to see the questions and responses of all those who have posted before them, which is a significant improvement on the primarily one-way emails sent through the mailing lists. Participants can subscribe to entire forums or just receive updates on specific conversations.

The forums are limited to public sector employees (validated by their email address). The Commission may consider other options if demand arises from agencies to include private organisations in the discussions.


If you have any queries, please see the guidelines linked above or email

Page last updated 24 June 2013