Public sector agencies can tap into talent through interns

20 June 2019

Want skilled, knowledgeable and enthusiastic thinkers to work on projects to help you achieve your agency objectives?

Then tap into the Public Sector Internship Program that enables university students to apply their skills and knowledge in a professional capacity through work-based projects in public sector agencies.

“This program affords agencies access to a fresh and diverse talent pool of prospective public sector employees, with the contemporary knowledge and enthusiasm that university students bring,” said Public Sector Commissioner Sharyn O’Neill.

“It is part of our focus as a sector on identifying talent, providing that talent with opportunities to use their skills, and showcasing the diverse and challenging work of agencies.”

The program is for undergraduate and postgraduate students including those completing doctorates.

Internships typically take place during a 15-week semester but this can be negotiated.

Agencies are encouraged to scope out interesting projects and then promote them on the internships board – which is part of – by Friday 5 July for semester 2 at universities.

Students can then go the internships board, look at the opportunities, apply to the agency, get university approval – and then bring their brains and passions to the projects.

Page last updated 10 December 2019