The Public Sector Commission’s Workforce and Diversity Plan 2012-2014

9 July 2012

The Public Sector Commission’s Workforce and Diversity Plan 2012-2014 outlines the strategies and initiatives required to attract and retain a workforce with the capacity to deliver high quality services and meet the needs and expectations of the sector, Government and the Western Australian community.

The plan is supported by the Commission’s Strategic Plan 2011-2014 and builds on the achievements and experience of the previous Workforce Plan 2010-2012.

The Commission’s plan was developed using the four-stage workforce and diversity planning model outlined in Workforce and diversity planning - a guide for agencies

Reflecting the importance of diversity in our workforce, the Commission has also integrated our diversity strategies and initiatives into the plan, in line with Commissioner's Circular 2010-02 - Workforce Planning and Diversity in the Public Sector and consideration of Section 145 of the Equal Opportunity Act 1984

The workforce strategies and corresponding initiatives directly align with the Strategic Directions for the Public Sector Workforce 2009-2014, with consideration of a variety of range of cross-government documents, strategies and legislation.

An operational summary of the plan was also produced to assist staff to consider the workforce strategies and initiatives when carrying out their duties and managers to utilise the plan when planning future workforce activities.

The Commission provides its plan and the accompanying operational summary as an example to the sector, and encourages agencies to use these documents for guidance when preparing their own plans.


Page last updated 9 July 2012