The Public Service Medal honours list

3 February 2020

Three outstanding Western Australians have received the prestigious Public Service Medal for their hard work and dedication to their communities.

This award recognises employees at local, state and federal levels of government who have shown outstanding service whether through innovation, leadership and achievement.

The recipients were:

Pauline Bagdonavicius, Public Advocate of Department of Justice, Pauline is the guardian of last resort for more than 2200 Western Australians. Her leadership has led to important changes in legislation and policy to enhance the way vulnerable members of society are cared for and protected.

Noelene Rae Jennings, Director, Corporate Strategy and Performance at Wanneroo, Noelene takes every opportunity to promote best practice across the local government sector and her work in business excellence and continuous improvement has inspired colleagues and peers to look for new ways to improve service delivery to the community.

Lee Musumeci, Principal of Challis Community Primary School, Lee Musumeci is universally described as an inspiring leader dedicated to improving education opportunities for children in WA, especially for students of disadvantage.

Well done Pauline, Noelene and Lee. What an amazing achievement!

It’s not too late to nominate a well deserving public sector employee. Nominations are still open for the second round of Public Service Medal awards which will be held on the Queen’s birthday 28 September 2020.

Full details of the Public Sector Medal and how to nominate are online.

Page last updated 5 February 2020