Science on show at ChemCentre

6 January 2020

Ever wanted to try liquid nitrogen ice cream? Help solve crime in WA? Or learn how to make bath salts? Well ChemCentre’s Open Day is the place for you.

Held every second year, the Open Day is full of free, educational and fun activities, displays and demonstrations that celebrate the role science and chemistry play in everyday (or not so every day) life.

A group of new public sector employees recently had the opportunity to find out more about ChemCentre and Open Day as part of their Public Sector Commission induction session.

There, they spoke with ChemCentre’s Manager Media and Communications Lissa Manolas who told them about the important role ChemCentre and its partner agencies play in protecting our State.

“From administering drug and alcohol tests, to working alongside WA Police on coronial and criminal investigations, or working with first responders and health authorities to identify emerging drug trends – we play an important part,” she said.

“Open Day gives the community a chance to engage with science and to see behind the scenes at ChemCentre.”

“And having our partner agencies like WA Police and the Department of Fire and Emergency Services there on the day only further enriches the experience.”

ChemCentre’s next Open Day will take place in 2021, so until then make sure you keep an eye on their website and social media for details about their upcoming community events and news.

Dates for the next round of public sector induction seminars in 2020 will be announced soon.


Page last updated 7 January 2020