Spotlight on integrity through new strategy

9 December 2019

A new strategy to improve integrity sets out clear actions for all public authorities in Western Australia.

Releasing the strategy today on International Anti-Corruption Day, Public Sector Commissioner Sharyn O’Neill said integrity was a non-negotiable in the government sector.

“Earning and maintaining community trust is essential for us to deliver the services that families, individuals, businesses and industry need for them to prosper – and for the State to grow,” she said.

“When integrity is compromised and trust is broken, our collective reputation is called into question. 

“With several high-profile integrity events in the sector coming to light over the past 18 months, it would be naïve to think this collective reputation has not been tarnished in the eyes of those we serve.”

The Integrity Strategy for WA Public Authorities 2020-2023 has four key improvement areas with actions and controls to promote integrity and help prevent misconduct, and corruption.

There are actions for the Commission to implement to provide leadership and support to public authorities. There is also a suite of practical and achievable actions for public authorities to put in place, and for individuals – those appointed to, employed by and contracted to public authorities – to do. 

Also released today is an Integrity Snapshot Tool for each public authority to assess the status of its approach to integrity and make decisions about where additional work may be needed.  

“To realise the goals of the strategy we must get to a point where integrity is embedded in all aspects of our work.

“This means in our governance and administration, systems and controls, accountabilities and responses – and, just as importantly, in our culture and attitude,” Ms O’Neill said. 

“I would like to thank the many people across the government sector and wider who have shared their expertise and experiences with us to shape the strategy.

“Together, we can ensure that we uphold the high standards the community expects.”

A short video from the Commissioner explaining the strategy and the importance of integrity in our work is available to view online.


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