Supporting good mental health in the workplace

18 June 2014

The Public Sector Commission, in partnership with the Mental Health Commission, has produced Supporting good mental health in the workplace: a resource for agencies.

On Wednesday 18 June, the Public Sector Commissioner Mal Wauchope launched the resource at a forum for public sector human resource managers.

Mr Wauchope emphasised that the resource reflects the community’s positive shift in attitude towards providing support for mental health.

‘Supporting employees and promoting good mental health is more than just an obligation for agencies; it helps achieve greater morale, a positive culture, and improved productivity.’ Mr Wauchope said.

He also stated that, ‘From a HR perspective, it is important we focus on the positive—that is, more than seventy per cent of people with mental health problems recover and get on with their lives. Meaningful employment plays a key role in that recovery or in managing a mental illness.’

Also speaking at the launch, the Mental Health Commissioner, Timothy Marney said ‘Employers have legal obligations to employees with mental health problems, including ensuring equitable recruitment and appropriate support. Occupational health and safety and human resource policies and procedures that support a mentally healthy workplace should be part of an organisation’s basic infrastructure.’

‘Now that we have the tools to help develop this, there is no longer any excuse to shirk our responsibility in creating mentally healthy workplaces.’ Mr Marney said.

The new resource supports public sector leaders with a range of activities, strategies and steps to create a trusting and inclusive work environment, help reduce the stigma of mental disorders, and support and retain employees who may be experiencing or affected by mental health issues.

A range of public sector speakers at the forum highlighted examples of supporting good mental health in the workplace. Feedback throughout the development of the resource indicated it would be well-received.

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