Targeted separation scheme 2014-2015 guidelines

14 November 2014

As announced recently by the Premier, a targeted voluntary separation offer for approximately 1,500 employees who are, or are likely to become surplus to requirements within relevant general government sector agencies will be offered. 

Achieving this target will be met through two employment separation strategies involving:

  • Voluntary Severance under the provisions of the Public Sector Management (Redeployment and Redundancy) Regulations 1994 (Regulations);
  • Compensation under section 59 of the Public Sector Management Act 1994 (PSM Act) for Senior Executive Service (SES) officers employed under Part 3, Division 2 of the PSM Act.

The targeted voluntary separation is to apply to general government sector agencies with priority (targeted) agencies being determined following consultation between the Treasurer and the Premier.

The number of separations available to applicable agencies will be determined on a needs basis following consultation between the relevant agency and the Department of Treasury.  I am advised that the Department of Treasury will be providing further advice in this regard.

Decisions to offer a separation package will be determined by employing authorities of targeted agencies subject to my approval. Employing authorities will be expected to determine the impact of a separation request on their agency’s operations and service delivery, and in the case of a fixed term employee, demonstrate a clear net benefit to Government.

The Department of Treasury will fund the total separation payment inclusive of leave and, where applicable, payment in lieu of notice elements, and in consultation make necessary adjustments to agency salary budgets. All inquiries regarding these funding arrangements and the priority status of your agency should be directed to your Department’s Treasury Budget Analyst.

In determining whether an employee is entitled to a payment in lieu of notice, agencies are reminded of their obligation to comply with the provisions of Regulation 4A(1)(b), (2) and (3) of the Public Sector Management (Redeployment and Redundancy) Regulations 1994  (It is not expected that those employees who are or who can be provided with the required notice will receive a payment in lieu of notice). 

Guidelines explaining the offer, including applicable conditions, relevant processes and an SES Notification of Interest Form (to be used for SES Officers only) are available on the Public Sector Commission website.  Please forward these on to the relevant area or person in your agency.

It would be appreciated if you could convey to officers within your agency who you may approach as part of the targeted voluntary separation program, to direct their enquiries to your Human Resource team in the first instance.  Staff at the Public Sector Commission are available to provide advice and assistance to agencies concerning the application of separation strategies under the 2014/15 offer.  Enquiry contacts are as follows:

  • Compensation offers for SES employees, Dan Volaric on 6552 8601.
  • Voluntary severance enquiries, Bartek Urbanowicz on 6552 8626 or Jason Milford on 6552 8691.
  • The allocation provided for targeted agencies and the applicable funding arrangements should be referred to your Department’s Treasury Budget Analyst.


M C Wauchope


Page last updated 14 November 2014