Update – Transfer of the oversight of minor misconduct to the Public Sector Commission

11 June 2015

The functions and responsibilities of the Public Sector Commission (PSC) and Corruption and Crime Commission (CCC) are changing as a result of legislative changes brought about by the Corruption and Crime Commission Amendment (Misconduct) Act 2014.

On 1 July 2015, the PSC will take responsibility for the oversight of minor misconduct management by public authorities, as well as providing for ongoing education and capability building in the area of integrity. The CCC will focus its attention on serious and police misconduct and corruption.

What this means for public authorities

Currently principal officers notify all instances of suspected misconduct to the CCC. 

When the amendments take effect, principal officers will be required to notify PSC of all reasonable suspicions of minor misconduct and the CCC of all reasonable suspicions of serious misconduct.

The PSC and CCC are working together to establish advice to assist principal officers with this decision making process. Materials will be published on our respective websites soon.

Page last updated 12 June 2015