Updated Commissioner’s Instructions - Discipline

8 November 2012

Two Commissioner’s instructions have been reviewed and the updated versions are now available on the Commissioner's Instructions page.

  • Commissioner’s Instruction No. 3 - Discipline - general

    Effective date: 8 November 2012

    This instruction contains the minimum procedural requirements to be followed by employing authorities when dealing with suspected breaches of discipline or disciplinary matters and taking disciplinary action under Part 5 of the Public Sector Management Act 1994. The only change to this instruction is in relation to suspension without notice. Clause 2.1 has now been amended, with a further clause added to clarify when it may be appropriate to consider the use of suspension without notice.
  • Commissioner’s Instruction No. 4 - Discipline - former employees

    Effective date: 8 November 2012

    This instruction sets out the circumstances in which an employing authority may commence or continue a disciplinary process in relation to a person who is no longer an employee of the employing authority, and the manner in which that process is conducted. It is intended that disciplinary proceedings in relation to persons no longer employed in an organisation be taken only in exceptional circumstances, and this instruction sets out the public interest considerations to be taken into account by an employing authority, where relevant, in determining whether to take such action. No changes have been made to this instruction.

Page last updated 8 November 2012