The Western Australian Premier, the Hon. Mark McGowan MLA, will consider a refreshed approach to the Premier's Awards for Public Sector Excellence. It is anticipated this will include new categories and initiatives which the Premier will launch in 2019. Consequently, there will be no award program in 2018.

News about future Premier's Awards will be posted here and distributed via the Premier's Awards mailing list as it become available.

Premier’s Awards categories

All Premier’s Awards categories are assessed against four general criteria. Each category also has an additional set of two or three category specific criteria that must be addressed.

The seven award categories are:

Developin​g the economy

This category recognises projects that maximise opportunities for the future by stimulating the economy to support employment and growth in Western Australia.

Impro​ving Aboriginal outcomes

This category recognises projects that seek to provide Aboriginals with greater opportunity and capacity to determine their own lives through employment, participation and strong communities.

Imp​roving government and reducing red tape

This category recognises projects that aim to strengthen existing systems or develop strategies to enhance efficiency, accountability, workforce capacity or community confidence in the public sector. 

Managing the env​ironment

This category recognises projects that seek to preserve Western Australia’s natural beauty and environment for future generations, while balancing the need for development through the responsible and efficient use of resources.

Revitalising the ​regions

This category recognises projects concerned with stimulating and sustaining investment to the regions, and strengthening regional businesses and communities.

Strength​ening families and communities

This category recognises projects that seek to nurture the potential of families, young people, seniors and communities and to encourage the highest possible standards of living, health, education, safety and social justice.

Western Australia in​ Asia

This category recognises and creates greater international opportunities for partnerships in Asia that promote Western Australia as a more prosperous and resilient region.

Page last updated 14 February 2018