Who is eligible?

Employees at all levels of the Australian Government and state, territory and local governments.

Medals can be awarded to former public servants who have retired.

Who is not eligible?

  • Members of the Defence Force and other uniformed services (police, fire, ambulance and emergency services) as they are eligible for comparable awards.
  • A person who has already received a PSM, although they may be nominated for a different award in the Order of Australia. Similarly, a person who has received an award in the Order of Australia is not excluded from receiving a PSM, although at least five years should elapse between the announcement of awards.
  • The medal cannot be awarded posthumously.


Nominees do not have to be Australian citizens.

If the nominated person is not an Australian citizen, the Governor-General’s office seeks the agreement of the government of the person’s country of citizenship.

Nomination should clearly indicate if the nominee is not an Australian citizen.

Who can nominate?

Anyone can nominate.

Public servants can nominate colleagues, staff and managers who exhibit outstanding service.

Nominations must be endorsed by the nominee’s director general/chief executive officer.


Page last updated 26 June 2019