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The observations and findings presented in the State of the sectors 2016 report, draw on the sources of information described below. This information is interpreted and reported in the context of ongoing consulting work, consideration of cases and issues examined in an oversight capacity, and interactions with public authorities, leaders and public officers through a variety of advisory and capacity-building programs and activities.

Analysing our public sector environment

The Commissioner has a specific role under several pieces of legislation, including the Public Sector Management Act 1994 (PSM Act), Public Interest Disclosure Act 2003 (PID Act) and Corruption, Crime and Misconduct Act 2003 (CCM Act).

The Commissioner collects data from public authorities and reports on compliance with, and outcomes of, a range of legislative processes and issues involving the workforce.

In analysing our public sector environment, the Commission relies on public authorities providing timely and accurate responses to its surveys. It should be noted, that an authority's systems and capability impacts the data collected and reported.

Public authorities' perspectives

Data and perspectives about public authorities are the result of two annual surveys conducted by the Public Sector Commission (the Commission). This year, the Public sector entity survey (PSES) obtained the views and details of operations of 78 public sector agencies. The Integrity and conduct survey (ICS) obtained the views and details of operations of 215 other public authorities. Where data or perspectives are a combination of information from both surveys, the 'catch-all' term public authority is used.

Employee perspectives

Each year the Commission selects a sample of public sector employees to survey on their perceptions about their role, team and agency. This year, the Employee perception survey (EPS) obtained the views of 7390 employees across 11 public sector agencies.

Workforce trend data

The Commission regularly collects workforce and diversity data from public sector agencies through the Human resource minimum obligatory information requirement (HRMOIR). Diversity data from all other public authorities is sourced from the Equal employment opportunity survey. This information helps describe the workforce in public sector agencies and highlights changes over time.

Other data sources

Data on minor misconduct and other Commission operations is sourced from the Commission's Resolve database. Comparative data and other quotes are referenced in footnotes as they occur through the report. A list of references is provided at Appendix H.

Accessing the series

Visit to find previous State of the sector reports and State of the sector statistical bulletins.

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