Performance agreement and assessment

Agreement for CEOs who are members of the Public Sector Leadership Council

Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) who are members of the Public Sector Leadership Council are part of a new agreement being trialled. Each CEO will be emailed their agreement for 2019/20 in September/October.

Agreement for managing directors of TAFE colleges

The 2020 agreement for managing directors will be available later in 2019. 

Agreement for CEOs who are not members of the Public Sector Leadership Council

The 2019/20 Chief Executive Officer Performance Agreement includes three key components:

  • Contribution to 2019/20 sector-wide initiatives and reforms.
  • Agency specific priorities for the 2019/20 performance cycle.
  • Personal and professional development goals.

All CEOs, including acting CEOs, must meet with their responsible authority (Minister/s and Board Chair/s) to agree on key priorities for 2019/20 which form the performance criteria for the 2019/20 agreement. They are then required to ensure that an agreement has been established.

The agreement is to be signed by the CEO and responsible authority (Minister/s and Board Chair/s) and submitted to the Commission no later than close of business 31 October 2019. Once the Public Sector Commissioner has signed the agreement, it is returned to the CEO.


The responsible authority (Minister/s and Board Chair/s) and Commissioner assess the extent to which the initiatives and priorities in the agreement have been achieved at the end of the agreement.

The assessment may draw on:

  • observations and experience of the responsible Minister/s or Board Chair/s
  • relevant information collected by the Public Sector Commission.

Acting CEOs are also required to arrange for a completed performance assessment to be submitted where applicable.


The agreement is a statutory requirement of Section 47 of the Public Sector Management Act 1994 (PSM Act) and is prepared following the appointment of a CEO to the public sector.

An agreement is required for all CEOs appointed under Section 45 of the PSM Act.

The agreement supports high level leadership and accountability by:

  • documenting significant outcomes being sought by the Commissioner, Minister/s and Board Chair/s in regard to Government priorities, policies and key reform initiatives
  • promoting a shared understanding between a responsible authority (Minister/s and Board Chair/s), the CEO and the Commissioner as the employer regarding whole-of-sector outcomes expected over the agreement period.

The Commissioner administers the agreement which:

  • is not a substitute for a strategic plan
  • can be updated or amended at any time with agreement of all parties to the agreement
  • is not legally enforceable [as stipulated in Section 47(3) of the PSM Act].

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