Process, timing requirements and templates

2016/17 performance cycle

There was no 2016/17 chief executive officer (CEO) performance agreement and assessment required by the Public Sector Commission (PSC) in the form of the process and requirements outlined in Approved Procedure 8.

As such, CEOs are now required to submit a letter briefly outlining their achievements for the 2016/17 period. There is no prescribed format the letter must adhere to, but the letter should not exceed one page of major achievements and outcomes.

This letter must be submitted to the Public Sector Commission no later than close of business Friday 30 June 2017.

2017/18 performance cycle

The 2017/18 CEO performance agreement is to be signed by the CEO and responsible authority (Minister/s, or Board Chair and Minister) and submitted to the PSC no later than close of business Friday 1 September 2017. The PSC will then arrange for the Public Sector Commissioner to sign and endorse the agreement. This will then be returned to the CEO.


Simplified templates have been prepared for the 2017/18 performance cycle.

CEOs, and acting CEOs, appointed under section 45 of the Public Sector Management Act 1994, must complete either:


For queries regarding the CEO performance agreement framework and process requirements, please contact Ms Imogene Blair, Acting Assistant Director CEO Recruitment on (08) 6552 8715 or by email at

Should you require assistance with using the agreement templates, please contact Ms Felicia Wong, A/Consultant, on (08) 6552 8996 or by email at

Page last updated 23 May 2017