Framework for executive classifications

The Framework for Executive Classifications provides guidelines for agencies preparing classification proposals for positions to be classified above level 8. The Framework also outlines the requirements and the standards agencies and the PSC are expected to meet.

The Framework for Executive Classifications provides an overview of:

Agencies wishing to submit classification proposals to the Public Sector Commission must complete and forward the Framework Attachments:

External providers

Following the engagement of Mercer (Australia) Pty Ltd, the need for agencies to independently engage an external consultant to prepare classification proposals should be minimised.

However, should an agency decide to seek the services of an external provider, any costs incurred are to be borne by the agency. These will be additional to the costs associated with the assessment process conducted by PSC which will be recouped from agencies.

Note: The Mercer CED tool is licensed by Mercer. No other consultant is licensed to use nor is trained in the Mercer job evaluation tool. To ensure ongoing quality assurance only Mercer consultants will be engaged to provide the classification assessments for SES positions within the sector.

Information, Advice and Assistance

Proposals seeking approval for the classification or reclassification of positions above Level 8 should be forwarded to:

Public Sector Commissioner
Public Sector Commission
Dumas House
2 Havelock St
West Perth WA 6005

The PSC is available to assist agencies with queries and to clarify issues as they arise. 
Initial contact should be directed to the Director, Executive Services, Public Sector Commission on 6552 8633.

Page last updated 6 August 2013