Information about making a disclosure

The Public Interest Disclosure Act 2003 was introduced to encourage people to report wrongdoing within the State Government, local government and public universities and protect them when they do.

If you have seen, heard or know of something which you believe is unlawful or improper, this could be public interest information under the Act.

Reporting wrongdoing is a serious matter and in many cases it takes courage for people to come forward. In exchange for that courage, the PID Act provides them with protection against reprisals.

Reading through the information on the right may help you to decide whether to make a public interest disclosure.

Before making a disclosure, it is important that you speak to a PID officer for further advice.

For additional information about the PID Act, or to speak with a consultant, contact the PSC Advisory Line on 6552 8888.

Page last updated 1 September 2017