Principal executive officer's roles and responsibilities

The Public Interest Disclosure Act 2003The principal executive officer must ensure that his or her public authority complies with the PID Act and the Code of conduct and integrity.

In particular, the principal executive officer must:

  • designate the occupant of a specified position as the person responsible for receiving public interest disclosures - s.23(1)(a)
  • prepare and publish internal procedures on the authority's obligations under the Act that are consistent with the Commissioner's guidelines – s.23(1)(e) and 23(2)
  • provide protection from detrimental action or the threat of detrimental action for any employee of the public authority who makes an appropriate disclosure of public interest information - s.23(1)(b)
  • report to the Public Sector Commissioner on:
    • the number of disclosures made to the public authority under the Act
    • the outcome of the investigations conducted as a result of disclosures
    • the action taken as a result of the investigation. - s.23(1)(f).

Disclosers require courage to make public interest disclosures. Courage may also be required from senior managers and executive officers to take action to deal appropriately with public interest disclosures, and the issues they raise.

Page last updated 5 July 2016