Raising awareness about the PID Act

The PID Act requires public authorities to publish internal procedures relating to their obligations under the Act. They should make these available to all staff and members of the public.

The success of the PID Act depends on the level of awareness and confidence in the PID Act.

Some ways of raising awareness of the PID Act within public authorities include:

  • using existing internal circulars, newsletters and publications
  • broadcasts on internal email systems
  • providing staff with hard copy brochures, which you can download from the resources page
  • creating easy links on your intranet system to the PID resources page
  • including information in your induction programs for new staff.

It is important that managers are made aware of the PID Act. If a staff member raises an issue about public interest information, managers should refer the employee to the authority's PID officer for further information.

Page last updated 16 June 2017