Consultancy services

The PSC provides high quality customised consultancy services to public authorities; we have a clear understanding of the issues and challenges that they face. We offer a full range of targeted services to support your authority on Public Interest Disclosure matters.

Advisory line

The PSC can provide you with knowledge and expertise on public interest disclosure. Public authorities' PID officers, line managers and grievance or complaint officers can use the assist telephone service to help develop their skills in this area.

Employees and members of the public can also use it to find out how to make a public interest disclosure.

You can call the assist telephone service between 8:30am and 5:00pm, Monday to Friday.

Call 6552 8888 to talk to a Public Sector Practice Consultant.

Agency Development Programs

The PSC designs specific development programs for individual public authorities to support their PID officers.

Contact the Public Sector Practice team on 6552 8888 to book a consultation session.

Peer review

The PSC conducts peer reviews of public authorities policies and procedures relating to PID.

The peer review allows you to have your policies / procedures reviewed by a team of people who understand the PID Act.

Contact the Public Sector Practice team on 6552 8888 to discuss a peer review.

Page last updated 4 October 2012