Important things to remember

Seek advice

Seek advice from the PID officer in the public authority concerned, or call the PSC Advisory Line on 6552 8888 before making a disclosure.

Be careful

Be careful about whom you make your disclosure to and how you make it. To be protected under the PID Act you must make your disclosure to a proper authority.

Be discreet

Be discreet by keeping your intentions to yourself. Do not broadcast the fact that you are going to make or have made a disclosure. Ensure your information is provided discreetly.

Don't breach confidentiality

Don't breach confidentiality by going to the media with the information after you have made a disclosure. You may lose your immunity under the PID Act and breach the confidentiality provisions. This may incur a substantial penalty.

Be confident of your information

You must believe on reasonable grounds that the information is or may be true. Knowingly providing false or misleading information is an offence under the PID Act and carries a penalty. Information should be based on more than hearsay or gossip.

Page last updated 27 September 2012